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welcome to Acustronica newsletter!
We would like to let you know about our latest releases (as of September 2015)
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Daniel Barbiero / Cristiano Bocci-„Nostos“

Daniel Barbiero / Cristiano Bocci - "Nostos"

νόστος (Nostos) – Greek for „returning home“ and the root of the word „nostalgia“-is a collection of eight new electroacoustic works for double bass and electronics by double bassist Daniel Barbiero (Silver Spring, MD USA) and sound artist/electric bassist Cristiano Bocci (Follonica, Italy). The pieces are the result of an international collaboration-sonic action at a distance-over the web.

Each piece is grounded in a solo double bass performance wich was then modified, dismantled and reassembled into a construction that explores timbral nuances as well emerging harmonies, counterpoint and rhythms. „L’ultimo treno per Follonica“ is a virtual duet for Barbiero’s double bass and Bocci’s six-strings bass.

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Melinda Ligeti – „Belonging“

Melinda Ligeti - "Belonging"

Disillusion, solitude, reminiscence, believing, traveling, loving, belonging.
Belonging to somebody, to yourself, to nature, dreams, to the unknown,
to something, to anything, to no one and nothing.
Belonging to the thought of not belonging. Either way – we all belong.
Melinda Ligeti

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Acustronica label & netlabel

Acustronica is a label & netlabel with a specific purpose: to find and to promote those musicians and bands who are making some refreshing and creative music.
Acustronica is one of the few netlabels which features music played with „real“ instruments, along with some totally electronics release…simply put, we don’t like genres distinctions and boundaries.

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