Acustronica newsletter – April 2013


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welcome to Acustronica newsletter!
We would like to let you know about our latest releases (as of April 2013)
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Fort Fairfield – „Prenzlauer Berg“(electronic/melodic) FREE download until May, 16th

Fort Fairfield - "Prenzlauer Berg"

Prenzlauer Berg is what you get when you boil down Berlin Night Express, late nights at Mikkeller Bar, traveling, sleep deprivation, nerve-wracking evenings at Rambergsvallen, staring at white walls in random budget hotel rooms, childish idol worship and help from Malmös finest siblings the Lamberths.

release page

direct download link [FLAC]

direct download link [MP3]

Francesco Baiocchi-„45

minutes in hard drive through different ways“(electronic/experimental) FREE download

Francesco Baiocchi - "45 minutes in hard drive through different ways"

The album „45 minutes in hard drive through different ways“ was born as a soundtrack for an audio visual installation presenata in September 2012 in Valletta, capital of Malta, during the White Night, commissioned by the Malta Council for Culture and the arts. The Maltese show of 10 hours, including a live painting on three canvases (150 x 100) mounted in a prism, some of the sets with video projection art during the concert, is an attempt to insert an unusual artistic expression in a particular context of this location of the center of the Mediterranean. The show also includes body painting and audiovisual installation from which the music of the album is about.

release page

direct download link [FLAC]

direct download link [MP3]

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Acustronica label & netlabel

Acustronica is a label & netlabel with a specific purpose: to find and to promote those musicians and bands who are making some refreshing and creative music.
Acustronica is one of the few netlabels which features music played with „real“ instruments, along with some totally electronics release…simply put, we don’t like genres distinctions and boundaries.

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