Acustronica newsletter – November 2012


Acustronica - acoustic-electronic netlabel newsletter November 2012

welcome to our Newsletter!
We would like to let you know about our latest releases (as of November 2012):

Nature – „Forget The Theory“ (jazz/funk/groove) FREE download

Nature - "Forget The Theory"

„Forget The Theory“ features two arrangements and five original pieces written by Kevin Higgins for his group Nature – a quartet with voice, electric guitar, electric bass and drums. The material was honed in a dozen live performances, then recorded over two days in spring 2012. The result is an album of dark grooves, mixing techno, funk and dubstep with contemporary jazz.

In the foreground, ethereal vocals and frenzied guitar carry on an improvised dialogue. „Forget The Theory“ captures the energy of their alternating conflict and cooperation. Behind them there’s tension of another kind, as club-inspired drum beats threaten to melt into jazz cross-rhythms.

This album was built off basslines: some abstract and symmetrically structured, some just funky. Either way, every tune was designed to make you nod your head. Enjoy the bouncy pulse and powerful perfomances of a young band playing with passion.

release page

direct download link [FLAC]

direct download link [MP3]

Sétamùr – „Rapid Eye Movement(ambient/electronic/experimental)

Sétamùr - "Rapid Eye Movement"

“Mysterious, imaginative, surprising, sweet, confusing, lamented, humorous, seductive, emotional, scary, but always inviting.. Norman’s music reveals different shades and odors of dreams, taking us to places where even nightmares can be strangely pleasant to be in. Spontaneously, yet in a very skilled way, juxtaposing and intertwining beauty and horror, “Rapid Eye Movement” EP is a little masterpiece, a perfect soundtrack for all of our dreams, whether we’re wide awake, or in a deep sleep.It’s absolutely a must for both “vertical” and “horizontal” dreamers out there.”

Melinda Ligeti

release page

Art Sonic – „Roadside sketches“ (ambient/atmospheric/folktronica) FREE download

Art Sonic - "Roadside sketches"

A 3-week long road trip to the American Southwest (Toronto, Canada to Colorado, Utah and New Mexico USA). Good thing I managed to take my old beat-up acoustic guitar – even though there was little spaced for it in our tightly packed truck. Big prairie skies, Rocky Mountain panoramas, desert vistas, ghost towns and ancient Anasazi ruins, all inspired me to pick up the guitar and attempt to translate sights into notes. Little ‚roadside sketches’… My trusty little field recorder allowed me to actually capture some of the nature sounds which later, back home in my studio, got incorporated into some of the tracks. Hopefully these short musical pieces will evoke the feelings and re-create the sights I had in front of me.

(this album is a joint release with the No-source netlabel)

release page

direct download link [FLAC]

direct download link [MP3]

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